Increase your event revenue and add value to exhibitors in a day
Add powerful visitor movement analytics to your event, conference or trade show
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Add value to exhibitors

Help exhibitors improve engagement strategies and prove the value of sponsorships with detailed stand and feature analytics

Increase rebookings

Increase rebooking rates, event satisfaction and intent to return by proving the value of attendance

Grow your event

Use insight into visitor flows to find the best ways of growing your event

“It usually takes a while for exhibitors to analyse the value of event attendance and decide to attend the next event. Using the Expo analytics data we were able to prove the value during the event itself, which helped raise our rebooking rates and dramatically shortened our rebooking times.”

Sam Cande, Business Travel Show, Centaur Media

Key features

In-depth stand and feature analytics

Track individual attendance statistics for exhibitors and sponsored features: number of visitors, average visit time, visit distribution, conversion rate from passers-by to stand visitors and visitor return rate. Share the results with a single click.

Event visit analytics

Event overview combines individual visit analytics to instantly identify good and poor performers, helping you optimise their engagement strategy. Insight into global visitor behaviour patterns provides crucial information you need to grow your event.

Visitor flow analytics

Analyse global visitor movement on a single picture. The aggregate flow display shows the number of visitors travelling down a specific passage, their average speed, and highlights low traffic zones and hot-spots.

Location quality analytics

Calculates the quality of each location based on the percentage of event visitors that pass it. The location quality display identifies popular locations and provides you with all the proof you need to justify premium pricing.

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